Ordering eyeglasses

Find the frame you know that it fits you in Allbrandsglasses’s Frame Gallery. Select first the color and then the size of the frame. The order is important: if you select the size first and then the color, the system may change the size to the default size.

Select the lens type you were recommended by your optician/optometrist by brand or refractive index. Please pay attention to the power range so that the type of lenses you are selecting is available for your Rx. If you are not sure which lens to choose, place your order for the frame only and e-mail or fax your Rx to us. One of our experienced opticians will recommend you the most appropriate and cost-effective lens by return e-mail.

Prescriptions may be submitted by scanning and e-mailing to: info@allbrandsglasses.com mentioning your order number. Our opticians double-check the numbers you have entered in your order and will contact you or your prescribing doctor if discrepancies are discovered.

PD (pupillary distance) - distance between your pupils - is needed to make your prescription glasses. Most optometrist/ophthalmologists do not measure and write this measurement on their prescription, if they are not asked to, and will gladly do if you ask.

Progressive Glasses
We do not offer progressive lenses because there are measurements that should be taken by an optician in-person. If you are interested in a frame for progressive glasses, please consult your optician/optometrist whether the frame you are about to purchase at Allbrandsglasses is suitable for your lenses.

Sunglass clip-ons with polarized lenses can be custom-made for almost any frame on Allbrandsglasses’s site. Please allow extra 4-5 days for making your clip-on.

If we can not make a sun clip-on for the frame you have chosen and you have already paid for it, we will refund the amount paid for the clip-on to your credit card account and inform you by e-mail. Clip-ons are supplied with a case and micro-fiber cleaning cloth.

Important: Custom-made clip-ons are not returnable or exchangeable.